Extended Warranty – a waste of money?



Yes, in most cases Extended Warranty is a waste of money. Your Statutory Warranty could easily save you an expensive repair bill if your product fails after the standard warranty expires. For example, Imagine purchasing a LCD TV costing $2,850 that fails a few months out of warranty (ouch), and then you learn that you have a repair bill of $465, adding insult to injury. As long as you have the receipt or proof of purchase you have every right to have it repaired under your Statutory Warranty without the need for an extended warranty.

Niggle It is designed to hold your proof of purchase details and some knowledge about your rights. If you have the ‘receipt’ and a little know-how, you could reasonably expect the TV to be repaired under your Statutory Warranty Rights, even thought the warranty has already expired.
It often helps just to demonstrate to the manufacturer that you know how statutory warranty rights to come to a quick resolution. Keep your receipts and notes at Niggle It, it’s free to
create a Lite Account.

If you are thinking about an extended warranty, follow this link for my top three considerations.


When Flight Tickets become Flight Credits – do they expire?


Yes, Flight Credits expire. More Flight Credits are being issued than ever before due to recent natural and man-made events. These flight credits generally expire after 12 months, yet many of these flights are forgotten and the details misplaced. Niggle It records these credits along with the electronic receipt and reminds you to use them before they expire.

Furthermore, some airlines flight credits are transferable (Virgin for example) and can be redeemed by any person towards any domestic flights in Australia and some Pacific routes. The person utilising the credit must quote the reservation number where the credit is held. It’s worth asking the question.   

Sign up to Niggle It free Lite Account and record these your valuable flight credits and sue them before it’s too late.

Buying online? The electronic receipts are valuable and should be managed with Niggle It.


Niggle It loves electronic receipts as they are valuable when used properly. Niggle It stores and recalls receipts and will even set automatic reminders for you by email. With the option to flag them for tax time you can maximise your savings and become better organised as a bi-product. When I receive an emailed receipt, I forward the receipt to niggle@niggleit.com to avoid it being buried in outlook. Niggle It automatically captures emailed Niggles, and your records are magically created.

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5 Tips to help your Mobile Phone last longer than the contract


Nothing worse than a broken handset and an unbreakable contract, so here are a few tips to extend the life of your

mobiles phone.

1.    Repair any minor faults prior to the 1 year manufacturer warranty expires.

2.    Again, attend to any minor faults within the 90 days of any repair warranty.

3.    Niggle your receipts and durations to track the durations.

4.    Use a good phone protector to keep out moisture, dust and debris from your bags and pockets.

5.    Contact your contract provider as they may help you out within 90 days of the contract expiring.

If all else fails, appeal to your service provider. Don’t let them fob you off to the manufacturer as the purchase agreement is with the service provider. They know that your Statutory Rights state that the phone should last for a reasonable time, which should be in line with the contract duration.

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Businesses spend 20+ hours per week looking for lost documents.


Australian businesses spend more than 20 hours per week on average looking for lost documents. The survey, commissioned by EMC Australia found that Australian businesses are spending far too much time looking for records and information. Using Niggle It would allow higher levels of efficiency from all areas of the business and in your home office.

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Credit Notes are as good as cash. Niggle them or lose them!


My wife generates the odd credit note when something is returned to a store. They only last 90 to 180 days before they turn to scrap paper. When they are Niggled, they are not lost or forgotten. Credits Notes on Niggle It are as good as cash in your pocket, OTHERWISE they can be lost in space, forever.

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Do manufacturers want you to use the warranty?


The answer is generally ‘YES’. Most would rather you had a working product than a broken product. I have asked a few manufacturers, and they tend to say the same thing. They want you to have a working product, and be happy with their brand, so you keep buying into the brand.

I asked them thinking that they would not like you Niggling your receipts and maximising your warranty claims. So if you haven’t already, signup for a free Lite Account and take advantage of warranty you already paid for.